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Villavicencio de los Caballeros.

The earliest recorded place-name using the word Villavicencio is in Villavicencio de los Caballeros, a municipality belonging to the autonomous community of Castile and Leon located in the Tierra de Campos region, on the left bank of the river Valderaduey in the northern province of Valladolid, Spain. It has a total area of 36 sq. km. or 13.9 sq. mi. It’s geographical coordinates are: Latitude N 42º 3’37” and Length W 5º 14’ 7”.

Villavicencio de los Caballeros was the place where Miguel Fernandez, Lord of Villavicencio  was given jurisdiction by King Alonso(Alfonso) VIII. At one time an ancient castle existed in the village and the Sahagún monks had a monastery there. The place was referred to as the Villavicencio Manor owned by Garcia Fernandez Rasura. However, there were some problems with regards to the ownership of the villa which was being shared with the Sahagún monastery.  Below are some pictures of the village:


Palacio Villavicencio

Mineral Water



Palacio Villavicencio.

The son of Garcia Fernandez Rasura was Miguel Fernandez de Villavicencio. He lost the Villavicencio Manor in Valladolid because of disputes in the jurisdiction of the place. However, he was granted land in Jerez de la Frontera by King Ferdinand III as a reward for conquering Andalucia. Thus, he settled his family there.

The son of Miguel Fernandez de Villavicencio was Gonzalo Núñez de Villavicencio who became a “regidor” of Jerez de la Frontera. Lorenzo Fernandez de Villavicencio was the son of Gonzalo and he was one of the first wardens of the city. He was responsible for the creation of the baroque Palacio de Villavicencio in 1664 which was built from the ruins of an earlier Moorish palace inside the “alcazar” or fortress of Jerez de la Frontera. The fortress itself has Almohad architecture, one of the few that existed in Spain.

A major attraction of the Palace is the “camera obscura” located in the main tower where one can view the whole city with its churches, monuments, bell towers, roofs of the palaces and mansions and including the remote farmlands in the countryside.

Villavicencio de los Caballeros Village
Palacio Villavicencio

Villavicencio, Colombia.

Villavicencio is a city and the capital of Meta in Colombia. Its geographical coordinates are: S 4 º 08 , W 73 º 40 W. It is referred to as “La Puerta al Llano” or “ The Gate to the Llanos”, the llanos being the vast tropical grasslands that are located between the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest.

The place was named after Antonio Villavicencio y Verástegui who was executed by firing squad on June 6, 1816 because of his patriotic acts for the Columbian fight for independence. He was the son of Juan Fernando de Villavicencio y Guerrero, II count of the Real Agrado and knight of the Order of Santiago.


Map of Villavicencio, Colombia

 Villavicencio, Argentina.

In the middle of the Andean foothills is the Villavicencio Valley located in Mendoza, Argentina.  Its geographical coordinates are:
 Latitude.-32.5166667°, Longitude.-69.0166667°

There is a mountainous path with a beautiful view that overlooks this valley. This passageway is called the Caracoles de Villavicencio or “the snails of Villavicencio” because one would want to slow down to appreciate the marvelous view. The once famous Hotel Termas Villavicencio and spa frequented by the high society of Argentina is located here.

Villavicencio, a mineral water bottling company gets its spring water from these mountains. The brand “Villavicencio” is the most popular mineral water in Argentina. Danone purchased the hotel and the rights to the land for the mineral water.

Hotel Termas Villavicencio
Caracoles de Villavicencio

Map Villavicencio, Colombia

Hotel Termas Villavicencio

Caracoles de Villavicencio

Villavicencio Mineral Water

There is also a placed called Estancia Villavicencio in Mendoza, Argentina which is a large ranch specializing in extensive grazing of livestock. 

Villavicencio, Chile.

There is a camp called Villavicencio located in Maule, Chile with the following geographical coordinates:
Latitude. -35.6333333°, Longitude. -71.8666667°

 Villavicencio, Cuba.

There are 3 places in Cuba with place-name called Villavicencio:

Villavicencio, Villa Clara, Cuba
Latitude. 22.7666667°,Longitude. -80.2333333°

Villavicencio, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba also known as Villa Vicente
Latitude.  20.0352778°, Longitude. -75.9958333°

Villavicencio, La Habana, Cuba
Latitude. 22.8177778°, Longitude. -81.9127778°

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