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South Africa

In the email below, Maurie Swanepoel is searching for more information about the lineage of the Villavicencios that migrated to South Africa.

If you have any information about this branch of the Villavicencios, please share with us. Please email us at and


Villavicencio – South Africa                           Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 6:44 AM

From: Maurie Swanepoel


I am looking for more information on my family name Villavicencio.

I live in South Africa and my names are Joseph Maurie Leopoldt Villavicencio Swanepoel (Born 1975 in South Africa). I understand I am one of 2 Villavicencio's left in the South Africa of which the other is a fairly older gentleman, Charles Villavicencio (from the line of Carlos Villavicencio).

From what I know the first Villavicencio was Joseph Maria Joachim Frederik Leopold VILLAVICENCIO and he arrived in South Africa somewhere in the late 1700's to early 1800's. He arrived here from Andalucia in Spain. From what I understand, was that he was one of 3 sons that went out into the world, where the one brother went to Columbia and the other to Argentina, but this was how the story was told to me and I have no facts proving any of this....

Do you have any record of this and my heritage I am trying to source?

Kind regards, 
Maurie Swanepoel

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